We are SO exited to receive your in-kind donations of new and gently used items.  It is easier just to list the items we CANNOT take because of room/code/or time:

+items chipped, broken, cracked or torn (even repaired)

+electronics except vintage, no old computers, large TVs, fax or copy machines

+bedding/pillows/including throw pillows


+used underwear

+plastic cups and Ziploc type containers

+dirty/muddy clothing and shoes

+VHS tapes

+magazines, unless collectible/vintage

+standard glass vases, single glasses, shot glasses, novelty hurricane glasses

+open cosmetics

+lids that don't match anything

+stuffed animals (we donate)

FURNITURE: because of space, we can usually accept smaller items.  Larger ones must be reviewed first.

BOOKS: we do accept books, but take them to be re-sold recycled

We accept donations during business hours.  Please do not leave items outside of the store, as they will be exposed to the elements and possible theft.